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BAYO.S profesionālā sistēma

BAYO.S ground screws effectively anchor any construction as part of a universally connective, modular system that is extremely flexible in adapting to a full range of installation terrains, sub-soils and other requirements.

According to each customer’s requirements, we design and produce an interface that will meet or exceed the highest technological standards and norms.

Our bayonet connection is a huge innovation in ground screw systems. Screws equipped with the bayonet connection can be extended, increasing their bearing capacity. With this system we can also increase the lateral bearing capabilities of screws that have already been installed. This solution makes it possible to mount a previously installed screw with a suitable interface for the attachment of Photovoltaic constructions.

Customized solutions

For clients who require something beyond our standard range of our products, we offer custom solutions. Our team of engineers can create a unique design based on the needs of each client’s needs. Customized solutions are used not only for different types of attachments or purposes, but also for complicated surface types. Our experts analyze and predict potential critical points before the project starts. BAYO.S’ focus is to maximize efficiency and be on site immediately. No waiting, no delays and no demands.

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